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Specialising in all aspects of electrical work, with experience in both Domestic, Commercial & Industrial environments


Home Automation Services

We specialise in making your home life more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable with the power of home automation. Having worked with smart home automation systems for many years, we are experts on maximising the impact of your residential technology and designing a smart home which is tailored exclusively to you.

We install industry leading smart home systems which allow you to control, synchronise and schedule all of the technology in your home from one user-friendly app. Play your favourite music throughout the house, control the lighting and heating in each room, program your blinds to open and close, answer the front door remotely… The possibilities are endless and can all be controlled with the touch of a button.

JNS Electrical offer the complete smart home package; from the initial design of the system, to the cabling and installation of hardware and finally the programming and automation of your home. We also offer an unrivalled after-care support service which ensures that your home automation system continues to work seamlessly and adapts to your ever-changing lifestyle.

Smart Lighting Control

We believe that smart lighting control is the ultimate way to manage the lighting inside your home. It’s time to say goodbye to large panels of switches and hello to a more efficient and elegant way of lighting your home.

Smart lighting control allows multiple light circuits to be programmed and controlled in a simple and intelligent way. Create custom commands that allow you to turn on/off multiple lights with a single tap or define and save your favourite scenes in each room depending on how you like it. Once a lighting control system is installed, the options and opportunity for change become truly limitless.


Automated Blinds

Smart home automation allows you to control your blinds remotely and synchronise their movement with other functions in the home. In a cinema room for example, simply touch a button and the lights could dim, the blinds lower and the screen and speakers come to life. Combining automated blinds with lighting control can also lead to a more energy efficient home.

At JNS Electrical, we install and integrate the amazing Q-Motion blinds which come in a vast range of fabrics and offer both a wired and battery powered solution depending on when they are fitted. Q-Motion blinds integrate seamlessly with LightwaveRf automation systems have an extremely sleek motion which is virtually silent.

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