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Specialising in all aspects of electrical work, with experience in both Domestic, Commercial & Industrial environments

The Facts About Custom Lighting

Custom lighting systems are becoming more and more popular and they range from the simple wireless control lighting systems to the more complex multiple zone, multiple control point systems. These types of installations offer various fun and efficient ways to control lighting in your home from remote controls, intelligent dimming, and the increasingly popular ‘all lights off’ function situated by the front door.

When we arrive at your property, we spend time arranging and preparing the site for works to begin. It is important you carry out the necessary preparations stated in our terms.

We then work to route your new cables from your consumer unit, all around the property. Cables are concealed under floors, in the attic space and within the walls and fabric of the building. The cables will eventually be terminated at every electrical outlet throughout the property, and organised into separate circuits such as lights, and sockets. Routing these cables involves lifting carpets and floorboards and chasing into the walls.

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