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Specialising in all aspects of electrical work, with experience in both Domestic, Commercial & Industrial environments

Ready for Access Control?

Today, no area of the UK is free from crime. An Access Control is the best way for you to protect your property, possessions, family and business. The professional JNS Electrical Services Alarm Sounder (Bell Box) deters 80% of burglars; the activation of the sounder as soon as a break-in is detected encourages the intruder to flee. For the determined burglars, the occupants will have been roused and can act. All our systems come with mobile phone app to allow you to monitor the system easily.

Standard grading system for Alarms:

Grade 1 Low Risk

Grade 2 Medium Risk

Grade 3 High Risk


We have written a guide for you to understand more about the types of alarm that are available.

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