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Ready For Winter?

Are your outside lights ready for winter? Whether at home or at work outside lighting can be effective in many ways.

Decorative – stand out from the crowd with eye catching lighting that brings added kerb side appeal for house hunters.

Safety – lighting for staff entry, exit and outside areas will reduce the risk of accidents. Also, if staff are key holders the light will make them feel safer.

Deterrent – thieves historically like dark areas as a result a thief will target a dark drive or back garden. However, thieves appear more brazen these days so why not combine your light with built in cameras for added security.

Full design and installation of a garden lighting scheme made to suit your garden. Detailing on gazebo, decking lights, background lighting, automatic, remote or app controlled.

What You Need To Know About Garden Lighting


Key to successful landscape lighting is flexibility. LED exterior spike lights are ideal as they can be easily moved to suit the changing seasons and planting growth. The Kew 25 spiked spotlight and a directional Hampton 25 spiked floodlight allow you to light your landscape extremely effectively,




Do light steps in your garden for safety reasons as well as aesthetics. External lights recessed into the side wall, are ideal solutions and create atmosphere as well as reduces the risk of anyone tripping. Alternatively, for an instant garden lighting effect use night lights in small glass.


Water Features

Water features are a wonderful medium to light as the movement and refraction creates patterns which reflect on the surrounding area. Use a simple underwater spotlight under a water flow or, alternatively, consider using fibre optics within water jets to create a magical effect candle light or for the ultimate


Fitting Selection

Most garden light fittings are black but the ones that usually blend into gardens best are olive green. Copper fittings can also be good as they patinate to a neutral green colour with age. See how these Hampton 40 floodlights almost disappear it the garden but work hard lighting up the box balls to create a stunning vista.


Layering Light

As with layering lighting in your home, it is also worth considering as part of your garden lighting. Here we have both uplit the large pots with Lucca External uplights and also used 1w spiked Kews to cross light the planted olive trees above.

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